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Sharing Yan’s passion for flowers

Liberty in the spring April 25, 2009


liberty4Cacharel Spring/Summer 2009 ready-to-wear Fashion Show, Paris Fa


This spring is definitely flower.

The French fashion label Cacharel, which earned its reputation for the floral print cotton shirts and dresses “Liberty” in the 1970’s, produced a re-edited collection for the label’s 50’s anniversary. The collection is composed of cute english dresses, scarfs, blouses and bloomers, stuffed bunnies, keyrings and Nike Blazers.

There is a concept store in Paris dedicated to the collection only during a few months, until late May (21 rue d’Uzès, 75002 Paris).

The charm of flowers will never die…


Tulip April 24, 2009



Tulip is  the flowering plant which has the most different species, about 150 all over the world. Tulips are always associated with Holland, which is the biggest producer of tulips and the horticultural center of Europe, even the world.

I went to Holland last year to visit the famous Aalsmeer Flower Auction and tulips fields. Actually, it’s difficult to find the sea of flowers as in my imagination. The fields were split and surrounded by buildings. I realized that the pictures we saw about Holland and its Tulips had avoided these things…

So the best place to see tulips is in theme parks, like the Keukenhof Tulips Park near Amsterdam.

In Paris, there are also many varieties of tulips in public gardens, as Jardin du Luxembourg and Parc Floral de Vincennes where I took these photos.


Origin of my passion for flowers April 23, 2009



Sometimes I wonder why I have such a passion for flowers. My answer is, first, I lived in a district in Beijing where there were many parks and my mother who grew up in the country began to show me plants and flowers when I was a child; the other reason is that I saw a series of Japanese cartoon when I was very young, “The Fairy of Flowers” (花仙子) in which a girl had to find a magic flower with 7 colors. I learned a lot through this cartoon which gave the symbol of a flower at the end of each episode.

Whatever, I believe that a part of this passion is innate. I’m so lucky…


Flowers on my balcony










I’ve been having theses Lilies of the Valley for 3 years. I received them for the 1st May and have planted them at the end of their flowering. Now they give flowers every year. This year, may be it is because of the good wheather, they are in advance and some of them made even 2 flower branches.

I bought some Sweat Pea seeds last year and sowed them in a gardener. They gave a great number of seeds in autumn which I spread in the gardener without the intention of having flowers this year. But what a suprise! They grow even better than last year.

Besides, all these flowers are aromatic !


Spring at Bois de Boulogne, Paris



Bois de Boulogne is an artificial forest in Paris, very closed to my home in the 16th arrondissement.

This spring, I have tried to find flowers which remind me of Beijing, my hometown. I miss the spring in Beijing with blossoms of peach tree.

We say in China that a flower of lilac with 5 petals (instead of 4 normally) can take good luck. I saw in the forest flowers of peach tree with 6 petals (instead of 5), can that give me good luck too ?