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Wild Flowers in Normandie (3) May 21, 2009

apple tree pommier 苹果树

red leaves feuilles rouges  红叶


An apple tree sculpted by the sea wind.


Wild Flowers in Normandie (2)

     wild flowers fleurs sauvage 野花wild flowers fleurs sauvage 野花


Wild flowers in Normandie (1) May 17, 2009

Plantago Aerial Plant  车前草

wild flowers 野花











Some pictures of my walk in Normandie. There were so many lovely flowers…


Online shops for flowers May 14, 2009
















Today I tumbled upon a study on e-commerce web sites in the US. The figures show that the first e-commerce sites in terms of conversion ratio (number of visitors transformed to buyers) are flowers sites (Proflowers, 1800flowers and Ftd).  Indeed, people who go to a site of flowers want to buy, not just to do “window shopping”.

It’s much easier to buy a pre-prepared bouquet on the Internet, with fixed price than go to choose in a florist’s shop. Furthermore, maybe there are no florists in some small towns in America, but we are always happy to receive a bouquet of flowers.

That is reason why e-shopping of flowers is blossoming, although flowers have tendency to loose in the competition against others gifts, such as chocolates, champagne, etc.

As a going-to-be professional of marketing with a special passion for flowers, personally I think it would be a good idea to introduce this concept in China. It’s not totally new in China but there is no strong flower brands as Proflowers in the US or Aquarelle in France.

Offering flowers is not yet a custom in China, the sales of flowers are quite limited to occasions as St Valentine or anniversaries. However the market has a great potential to develop. I hope I can do that.


Leaves May 6, 2009

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red maple érable japonais 枫feuille leaf 叶











Two pictures taken 4 years a ago at Giverny, Monet’s garden, to show that only leaves can be beautiful too…



garlic ail 蒜lettuce leitue 生菜





 “Flower” means plant or vegetative for me, which includes flowers, leaves,  branches and even vegetables. In the nature, all can be beautiful, even the most ordinary things.


Here are pictures of garlic and lettuce taken in a morning market in Paris. I like their coulours, so smooth and juicy.


Flowers I’ve received May 2, 2009

bouquet flower 插花

renoncule buttercup close up毛莨

chrysanthemum chrysanthème 菊花





Each bouquet of flowers received is the souvenir of a sweet moment in the past. We may foget the reason for receiving the flowers, but while seeing the pictures, the emotion of the moment comes back… 


camellia camélia 山茶花

pivoine peony 牡丹 芍药

bouquet in a mirror miroir

 mirror miroir flower rose orchidée orchid







tournesol sunflower sheet drap 向日葵 花床单

tulip 郁金香

tulip close up 郁金香 微距






lilas lilac closeup 紫丁香

pivoine peony closeup abstract 牡丹 芍药