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My email July 18, 2009

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French Flora Stamps

The French Post  has edited two books of stamps about French Flora in the North and the South. Indeed, the vegetation in the North and the South of France is very diffrent. Each region of France has its representative plant, like the famous lavender for Provence.

France has a very beautiful nature, although it is less famous than its culture and art. To my knowledge, France is the greenest European country (apart from Scandinavian countries). You can see almost every landscape in France : mountains, plateau, the sea, rivers, lakes (maybe not desert…).

I’d like to thank Tempopo who sent me images of these stamps books that I share with you.

 Carnet Flore Sud Poste Stamp Flora FranceTimbre lviolette Toulouse Stamp Flora France






Tembre pomme de pin Stamp Flora France tree

Timbre Olivier Stamp Flora France Olive tree


My Flower Book (5) : Play of color July 12, 2009

This is a bouquet composed with 3 different flowers. They are ressembled by color, from white to voilet, and form a sphere (although not perfect) of shaded tones.


bouquet floral arrangement 插花




Flowers in the bouquet :


Eustoma grandiflorum : Lisianthus / 洋桔梗

– Aster : Aster / Aster / 东俄洛紫菀

– Sedum: Stonecrop / Orpin / 景天