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My Flower Book (5) : Play of color July 12, 2009

This is a bouquet composed with 3 different flowers. They are ressembled by color, from white to voilet, and form a sphere (although not perfect) of shaded tones.


bouquet floral arrangement 插花




Flowers in the bouquet :


Eustoma grandiflorum : Lisianthus / 洋桔梗

– Aster : Aster / Aster / 东俄洛紫菀

– Sedum: Stonecrop / Orpin / 景天 



One Response to “My Flower Book (5) : Play of color”

  1. Tampopo Says:

    Your blog is interesting, spec for those who like the flowers. This year the French Mail Service is selling two books of stamps about flowers of the North and of the South of RANCE. I would like to send to you some pics of these stamps but on your blog, there is no mail adress to contact you and send you some documents. Can you add it ? Thanks you !


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