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Alps mountain flowers August 18, 2009

I passed the weekend of 15th August, which is a holiday in France, in a small Swiss village in the Alps Mountains, just beside the Lake Geneva. This was not the first time I’ve been to this area but the first time in August. The nature was scenic, the weather was mild…It was very difficult to come back to Paris and go to work.


Suisse self-service flowers garden fleurs 摘花

Suisse flower garden fleurs jardin 瑞士 花园

Suisse flower garden fleurs jardin 瑞士 花园

 Suisse flower garden fleurs jardin dahlia 瑞士 花园 大丽花Suisse flower garden fleurs jardin sunflower tournesol 瑞士 花园 向日葵


















A Swiss farmer had planted flowers in his garden and at the moment when I passed, he made his garden a “self-service flower market” where you can pick flowers yourself. The Dahlias were so beautiful under the blue sky.


  alpes wild flowers fleurs 阿尔卑斯山野花Suiss flower fleurs mountain alpes 阿尔卑斯山野花alpes flowers wild fleurs 阿尔卑斯山野花














 At the Furka Pass in the Alps, at 2500 meters of altitude, the mild flowers were very colorful thanks to the sunshine.


Just 2dezign August 6, 2009

justchrys logo I am completely captivated by the work of the Dutch agency 2Dezign for Just Chrysanthemum, a co-operation of grower group Chryson Foundation and the Flower Council of Holland.


The intention of this project is to fully change the dull image of the chrysanthemum.  With 2Dezign’s practical know-how, market research and innovative thinking, this have used all kinds of fantastic ways to demonstrate the trendy and funky side of the chrysanthemum. This project contains every aspect of marketing the new, unconventional image of the flower, ranging from image and product photography, floral arrangements, advertising and POS materials.


A great beginning for another marketing approach in the flower industry.




 Justchrys american's best model shot


 Justchrys arrangement chrysanthemum 菊花插话 justchrys floral arrangement 菊花插花


Courtesy Justchrysantemum


Flowers in fashion shows August 1, 2009

Todya, not only floral pattern is quite used by designers in fashion creation, but real flowers and nature imitation are celebrated in fashion shows. Let’s see some recent images from :

– House of Holland

– Movimento

– Samuel Cirnansck

– On aura tout vu



 House of Hollandmovimento


On aura tou vuSamuel Cirnansck


My flower book (6)

This is a sweet-colored and scented bouquet in a 18th century style vase. I found this vase in a secondhand trade shop in a suburb of Paris. Althouth we can’t see it on the picture, the vase has 5 holes  which make the flower arrangement easier.


floral arrangement bouquet fleur 插花

floral arragement bouquet fleur 插花














Flowers in this bouqet are :


Matthiola : Stock/Giroflée/紫罗兰

Hydrangea : Hortensa/Hortensia/八仙花, 绣球

– Alstroemeria : Peruvian Lily/Alstromère/六出花, 秘鲁百合