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My flower book (10): Rouge attitude September 21, 2009

Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn. For city dwellers,  the first signs of the season are surely colors of trees and, if you love flowers, you may have noticed the new arrivals at florists’. At this time of year, the flowers most used for bouquets are chrysanthemum, dahlia, glad, berries, etc.


For my homework of the Florist’s course (at Natura-Dis school in France), I have to make 3 floral arrangements in 3 different vases with the same flowers. I have chosen Celosia as the star flower in these bouquets. The Celosia is also called “cocks comb” referring to its form and color.


I had made first 2 bouquets with a rectangular and a cube vase. The 3rd one withe the bowl was arranged one week later with the flowers recycled from the cube vase.


bouquet floral arrangement celosia 鸡冠花插花

 Flowers in theses bouquets:


Celosia: Cocks comb/Célosie, crête de coq/鸡冠花


– Grass/Graminée/禾本观赏植物


Hypericum: St. John’s wort / Millepertuis / 金丝桃


Ligustrum: Privet berries / Baies de Troène / 女贞树果

 bouquet floral arrangement vase boule bowl 球形花瓶 插花


My flower book (9): Unique

I am reading Jeff Leatham’s books about floral design and his famous floral decoration at the hotel Georges V in Paris. One of Jeff’s signature statement is to display a bunch of flowers sideways in a big glass vase.


On the left is one of Jeff’s creation, and on the right is mine of glads and grass imitating his style.


Florists are inventing technic more and more difficult and complicated to create gorgeous floral sculpture. However, what I prefer personally is always simple and natural bouquets without complicated technique but with good taste for color and harmony.


art floral Jeff Leatham amaryllis 孤挺花glad glaïeul bouquet floral design 剑兰



















Picture on the left: Courtesy Jeff Leatham


Bouquets Calendar 2010 September 18, 2009

Orsay is my favorite museum in Paris, because most of the impressionists’ works are there. Thursday evening – during the late-night opening – is my favorite moment to go to see for the nth time Monet, Van-Gogh, Manet, Renoir, Degas and others.


 Yesterday from my “la nuit au musée”, I’ve found a beautiful calendar for the year 2010. It’s made up of 12 still-life paintings of bouquets that I dream of.


So I’ve given myself a objectif : to reproduce the same bouquet in the paintings each month of next year !


The Orsay Museum

The RMN shop


calendar calendrier bouquets 2010 museum francecalendar calendrier 2010 bouquets museum france









Courtesy RMN


My flower book (8) September 7, 2009

Rustic style floral basket :


rustic floral basket panier fleurs 花篮



 Sedum: Stonecrop / Orpin / 景天

Hypericum : St. John’s wort / Millepertuis / 金丝桃

Eucalyptus : Eucalyptus / 桉树



My flower book (7)


My first arrangement of the entry in 2009.

 Floral arrangement composition 插花Floral arrangement composition 插花





















 In these two bouquets :


Delphinium: Larkspur / Pied d’alouette / 翠雀花, 飞燕草

– Eustoma grandiflorum: Lisianthus / 洋桔梗 

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus / 桉树

Duranta repens: Golden Dewdrops / Vanillier de Cayenne / 假连翘


Trends in horticulture September 4, 2009

As a marketing professional, I have always heard of trends forecasters and agencies – those people extremely sensible to social, economic ans consumption tendancies who define the guide lines of marketing strategy, product concepts in general or colors and models in the fashion industry.


However, trends exist as well in horticulture. Not only the trends of floral arrangement – this is summarized in books like International Floral Art – but also social and consumer trends concerning the horticulture.  


Bloom magazine, a trend book about horticulture edited by Trend Union and Li Edelkoort’s studio, is unique in Europe. Bloom works in collaboration with many famous photographers to create unique and conceptual pictures. They have also an accurate opinion about social and color and marketing trends because Trend unions publishes also trend books on other industries. So bloom is also an inspirational book for fashion, cosmetics or packaging professionals.


Only imperfection: it’s pretty cheap for individuals like me passionated by flowers. But I think it worth it.


Bloom magazinebloom magazineBloom magazine









Courtesy Bloom magazine