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Trends in horticulture September 4, 2009

As a marketing professional, I have always heard of trends forecasters and agencies – those people extremely sensible to social, economic ans consumption tendancies who define the guide lines of marketing strategy, product concepts in general or colors and models in the fashion industry.


However, trends exist as well in horticulture. Not only the trends of floral arrangement – this is summarized in books like International Floral Art – but also social and consumer trends concerning the horticulture.  


Bloom magazine, a trend book about horticulture edited by Trend Union and Li Edelkoort’s studio, is unique in Europe. Bloom works in collaboration with many famous photographers to create unique and conceptual pictures. They have also an accurate opinion about social and color and marketing trends because Trend unions publishes also trend books on other industries. So bloom is also an inspirational book for fashion, cosmetics or packaging professionals.


Only imperfection: it’s pretty cheap for individuals like me passionated by flowers. But I think it worth it.


Bloom magazinebloom magazineBloom magazine









Courtesy Bloom magazine


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