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Bouquets Calendar 2010 September 18, 2009

Orsay is my favorite museum in Paris, because most of the impressionists’ works are there. Thursday evening – during the late-night opening – is my favorite moment to go to see for the nth time Monet, Van-Gogh, Manet, Renoir, Degas and others.


 Yesterday from my “la nuit au musée”, I’ve found a beautiful calendar for the year 2010. It’s made up of 12 still-life paintings of bouquets that I dream of.


So I’ve given myself a objectif : to reproduce the same bouquet in the paintings each month of next year !


The Orsay Museum

The RMN shop


calendar calendrier bouquets 2010 museum francecalendar calendrier 2010 bouquets museum france









Courtesy RMN


4 Responses to “Bouquets Calendar 2010”

  1. Pedro L Cavillon-Correa Says:

    Dear maoyan,

    A friend of mine went o The Louvre Museum and bought a print/poster of the same painting that appears in the cover of the bouquets calendar for 2010published by RMN but neither one of us seems to be able to find out the name of the painting or by which artist is it.

    If you now either would very much appreciate your information.

    Thank you, very much

    • maoyan Says:

      Hello Pedro, thanks for your question. The painting on the cover of the calender called “Fleurs exotiques” and the artist was Jean Benner-Fries (1796-1849). I hope this can help you.

      • Pedro L Cavillon-Correa Says:

        Yan/Maoyan, thank you so much for the information about Jean Benner-Fries and his Fleurs Exotiques beautiful painting.


  2. florabe Says:


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