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My flower book (9): Unique September 21, 2009

I am reading Jeff Leatham’s books about floral design and his famous floral decoration at the hotel Georges V in Paris. One of Jeff’s signature statement is to display a bunch of flowers sideways in a big glass vase.


On the left is one of Jeff’s creation, and on the right is mine of glads and grass imitating his style.


Florists are inventing technic more and more difficult and complicated to create gorgeous floral sculpture. However, what I prefer personally is always simple and natural bouquets without complicated technique but with good taste for color and harmony.


art floral Jeff Leatham amaryllis 孤挺花glad glaïeul bouquet floral design 剑兰



















Picture on the left: Courtesy Jeff Leatham


One Response to “My flower book (9): Unique”

  1. Bettye of Atlanta Says:

    I just got an idea of how to arrange my glads! Love glads. Thsy are so elegant/simple. They create such an elegant space! Keep up the good work! Your ideas are fabulous!

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