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My flower book (14): Round bouquet November 30, 2009

I haven’t done any floral arrangement for a long time, because I work actually at a florist shop… paradoxical, but it’s true. I have now less time to create my bouquets on Sunday and my approach to floral art is a little different: that is why I arranged a round bouquet this week instead of a doing my arrangement directly in the vase, as usual.


However, I didn’t create a classical round bouquet. I put similar colors and flowers together instead of spreading them in the bouquet.


 Here is the bouquet from three angles :



 Flowers used :

 – Iris: Iris / Iris / 鸢尾

Brassica: Kale / Chou / 甘蓝

Limonium: Sea Lavender, Statice / Lavande de mer, Statice / 补血草,勿忘我,不凋花


Critics : About Justchrys’ images November 2, 2009


I personally think that Justchrys has a good Marketing strategy, at least a new and daring one. Nevertheless, I don’t always appreciate their artistic photo creations. The world they build throughout their communication images is so artificial and distant that I think consumers wouldn’t easily be able to identify with this lifestyle and atmosphere.


Justchrys Autumn 2009



















Courtesy Justchrys


Above is the Autumn picture on the front page of Justchrys‘ website. Well, I understand they wanted to associate the Chrysanthemum image to a more luxury and sensorial positioning, but the execution, in my opinion, is not at the height of the project.


I have done a little research in my image archives and have found two photos that I would use to represent the Chrysanthemum. The image of Chrysanthemums here is glamour and aspirational but remains natural and accessible.


Liliy Donaldson Elle UK chrysanthemum chrysanthème 菊花模特photo model chrysanthemum flower 菊花模特

  Courtesy Elle Magazine and Numero Magazine



My flower book (13): Chrysanthemum


The 1st November was All Saint’s Day in most European countries. It’s the day when people go to cemetery for their lost family or friends. I don’t know if Chrysanthemum is always their first choice for this day’s flower, I have seen at Parisian florists’ a lot of other flowers like Lily, Hydrangea and Iris, etc., though there were many kinds of Chrysanthemum too.

However, Chrysanthemum is not a cemetery flower. In China, it is the symbol of longevity and rare species are very expensive and sought-after. Justchrys, the organisation pour the promotion of Chrysanthemum has done a great work to change the image of the flower in the West. I find that people begin to accept this flower and appreciate its beauty, it original scent and its variety.


I did this bouquet with 5 big burgundy red chrysanthemums and a kind of orange ones in the form of snowball. I like these colors of Autumn, the best season in a year.

  Bouquet floral arrangement création art 插花



Flowers in this bouquet:


Chrysanthemum: Chrysanthemum / Chrysanthème / 菊花


Celosia: Cocks comb / Célosie, Crête de coq / 鸡冠花


– Unknow foliage/seeds