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My flower book (14): Round bouquet November 30, 2009

I haven’t done any floral arrangement for a long time, because I work actually at a florist shop… paradoxical, but it’s true. I have now less time to create my bouquets on Sunday and my approach to floral art is a little different: that is why I arranged a round bouquet this week instead of a doing my arrangement directly in the vase, as usual.


However, I didn’t create a classical round bouquet. I put similar colors and flowers together instead of spreading them in the bouquet.


 Here is the bouquet from three angles :



 Flowers used :

 – Iris: Iris / Iris / 鸢尾

Brassica: Kale / Chou / 甘蓝

Limonium: Sea Lavender, Statice / Lavande de mer, Statice / 补血草,勿忘我,不凋花


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