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Flower Painters (1): Jan van Huysum January 31, 2010

Born and bred in Amsterdam, Van Huysum (1682-1749) established himself as one of the best flower painters in the Netherlands. He painted landscapes but was famous for creating painstakingly detailed and realistic flower and fruit still lifes, which commanded princely sums from a number of European royal courts. He was also something of an artistic pioneer, being the first to use light paints on an even lighter background.


© Painting Flowers on BBC



My flower book (18): black and white January 26, 2010

Though we are still in cold winter, spring flowers can already be found everywhere at florists’. I think flowers are as import for our spirits as for aesthetic reasons.


I arranged a bouquet last week with just a few branches of Prunus in the black narrow glass vase of Villeroy & Bosh I talked about in a previous post. This week, in order to use the branches in another way, I’ve chosen 3 black arums and 3 white Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile) to arrange a black-and-white bouquet in a Ikea pitcher.



Flowers used in this bouquet:


Calla: Calla lily/ Arum/ 马蹄莲

Agapanthus: Lily of the Nile/ Agapanthus/ 百子莲


Aspidistra (leaf): Aspidistra/ Langue-de-belle-mère / 蜘蛛抱蛋, 一叶兰, 箬叶


My flower book (17) : Tulips January 12, 2010


Do you know that tulips will continue to grow after the bouquet is arranged?

In this vase I had put 50 tulips and 50 buttercups at the same level. The following after, I couldn’t see the buttercups any more because the tulips have grown…




Orchids January 11, 2010

Orchids are very popular at this time in Europe. In stead of offering a bouquet of flowers, more and more people choose Orchid plants which last a longer time and decorate interiors.


The Orchid most used as plant is Phalaenopsis, but other species of Orchids are also used as cut flowers or plants. Here are some of them:

 – Cymbidium



– Medinilla Magnifica


– Oncidium

Paphiopedilum USA 1 flower

– Paphiopedilum


– Phalaenopsis


– Vanda


My Vases (1)

Whoever loves the floral art must love the vases too. I am always looking for beautiful vases wherever I go.

This week-end I have found three vases of different styles.


From left to right :

– Black glass vase of Villeroy & Bosh

– White china dish of Villeroy & Bosh

– Little Theodore vase of Haviland


Aquarelle extend its services

The French online florist Aquarelle.com has extended its services to tourism and cultural activities by offering “Coffrets” including Beauty, Relooking, Fitness, Art Workshops, Gastronomy, Decoration, Cooking, Travel, Hotels, etc.

The service is accessible only on the web : www.aquarelle-coffrets.com

Product extension is a marketing strategy used by many florists, but Aquarelle is the first one to extend its brand to a domain so different from flowers. From the product point of view, the only link of flowers and these Coffrets is their well-being effect, but from the technic point of view, selling flowers or other services don’t have a great difference — Aquarelle is now an expert in online retailing, not only a florist any more.


My conclusion? We’ll need time to see how the floral industry will develop, a big change is ongoing…


Courtesy: Front page of Aquarelle-coffrets.com