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Aquarelle extend its services January 11, 2010

The French online florist Aquarelle.com has extended its services to tourism and cultural activities by offering “Coffrets” including Beauty, Relooking, Fitness, Art Workshops, Gastronomy, Decoration, Cooking, Travel, Hotels, etc.

The service is accessible only on the web : www.aquarelle-coffrets.com

Product extension is a marketing strategy used by many florists, but Aquarelle is the first one to extend its brand to a domain so different from flowers. From the product point of view, the only link of flowers and these Coffrets is their well-being effect, but from the technic point of view, selling flowers or other services don’t have a great difference — Aquarelle is now an expert in online retailing, not only a florist any more.


My conclusion? We’ll need time to see how the floral industry will develop, a big change is ongoing…


Courtesy: Front page of Aquarelle-coffrets.com


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