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My flower book (22): Parrot Tulip bush March 24, 2010

Parrot Tulip is my favorite in the family of tulips. I like their irregular and multicolored petals which give them a less “artificial” look then other tulips.


In this creation I used some branches of Grefsheim Spirea to make the base. This horizontal arrangement looks just like a spring bush with little new pale green leaves!




Since I have mentioned the types of tulips, here is the categorization from the website www.tulipes-mania.fr:

– Single Tulips 


– Double Tulips


– Lily-flowered Tulips


– Fringed Tulips


– Parrot Tulips



Spring at Justchrys March 21, 2010

I LAUGHED when I saw in the last “Justchrys spring 2010 newsletter” that the Secretary Day (April 15) is now called Administrative Professionals’ Day. Another invention of florists, of course. Definitely I find that florists have the sense of humor, and the sense of business too. In fact, many “floral holidays” are inventions of florists or have been promoted by florists, like the Saint Valentine’s Day, the Mother’s Day, the Grandmother’s Day, the Secretary Day, etc. Some of them have commercial success, the others failed. The Secretary Day didn’t have the popularity expected by florists, so apparently for this year they decided to include more target groups in their promotion campaign.


Having said that, my objectif was only to share with you the new spring collection of Justchrys. Always more creations and original ideas for the promotion of chrysanthemums. But when will they change the atmosphere of the main image? (See my previous critics about the images of Justchrys)






 Courtesy Justchrys



My flower book (21) : Floral art contest

I entered the Floral Art Contest 2010 organised by Natura-Dis, a French training program for florists. There were 2 subjects: the first one was to create a classic vegetative table center piece for a business lunch about the sustainable development, so a recycled object must be used in the creation; the second one was to create a modern bouquet for the opening of a small smoothie shop, fruits and exotic flowers must be used in the creation.


I have chosen the first subject and had arranged a bouquet of spring flowers resting on cardboard rolls.

Here are some pictures of my creation.




 Flowers used :

Tulipa (6 different varieties)

Viburnum opulus

Fritillaria elwesi and Fritillaria hermon

Spirea grefsheim



Cetraria islandicus






Miss Dior Chérie with garden roses March 14, 2010



 Courtesy Miss Dior


I liked the last campaign of Miss Dior Chérie perfume (above) with a rose. This time, the new campaign (below) is more generous with flowers and we find Miss Dior in a garden of roses. Without a preference for the product, I quite like theses images and they make me want to try the fragrance. The power of Advertising!










Courtesy Miss Dior


Flower painters (2): Vincent Vin Gogh March 9, 2010

 Apart from his famous Sunflowers, Vincent Vin Gogh (Dutch Post-Impressionist Painter, 1853-1890) has left us numerous other still life paintings, especially vases of flowers. Here are some of his flower paintings, less famous than the Sunflowers, but as wonderful as them. This is the kind of paintings that I would decorate my home with.

A real genius, Vincent.

Vincent Van Gogh        




Courtesy Vincent Van Gogh and owners of the paintings


A bridal’s dream : English garden roses March 5, 2010

I have just received the David Austin® Handbook of Roses 2009/2010 and the catalogue of David Austin fragrant English cut roses. What a pleasure to look at these fabulous garden roses and bouquets, I could almost smell their fragrance! Only the countryside of England can cultivate these sweet roses. They make me want a garden…or a great wedding.



         Darcey Rose Garden Bouquet

          Purely Roses Anniversary Bouquets


Nicole Kidman is a fan too!

Nicole Kidman's stunning wedding bouquet of David Austin Roses   

Courtesy David Austin Roses


Blue roses and purple carnations : ethics in the Floral Industry

I have just come upon the 2010 spring-summer advertising compaign of the Spanish brand Loewe, with Daria Werbowy. The top model posed in front of a wall covered with creeper and…BLUE Orchids! I have to admit that the blue orchids made me quite uncomfortable.







 Courtesy Loewe






Everyone who has a little knowledge about flowers knows that this variety of Orchid, Phalaenopsis, exists only in white, rose, mauve, and rarely yellow colors. Although the flowers utilized in the shooting were artificial, it could mislead consumers. Furthermore, it is not only a question of aesthetics, but can be ethics.


We are talking more and more about ethics in the floral industry : environment, sustainable development, energy, fair trade, etc. Today I am treating another problem: Transgenesis.


Let’s see the introduction of a laboratory, Florigene:” Florigene uses genetic modification technology to bridge genetic gaps and rapidly deliver valuable improvements to flower species. The improvements to flowers – whether in shape, colour, vase life, disease resistance or other characteristics – have historically been achieved by cross-breeding of existing varieties. Florigene Moon carnations are an exquisite range of unique carnation varieties.” The company’s famous Moon carnations is a collection of carnations whose color varies from light lavanda to dark purple, which don’t exist in the nature. And the copany is working for, apparently, creating blue roses – not tinted blue roses that we can find at the Saint Valentine’s Day (how horrible!), but really “natural” blue roses.

Florigene Moonlite Standard Carnation

Courtesy Florigene

I am not judging the commercial action of Florigene. Anyway, I am not against improving flowers’ vase life and disease resistance by using modern biological and genetic technologies. And new varieties and cultivars of plants have always been created, by crossing other varieties. However, I am always getting shocked by seeing artificial-colored flowers.


As for all others ethics subjects, each person may have his own opinion. Personally, I will never use blue roses or purple carnations in my floral arrangements.