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My flower book (23): some recent bouquets May 9, 2010

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It seems I haven’t show my creations for a long time, but I do continue to arrange simple bouquets  every week, or almost.

However, I find it is not easy to create bouquets when we have to buy flower at florists’ — I mean when we can’t buy directly large amount and varieties of flowers from wholesalers. As I have a limited budget each weak, I can’t hardly buy more than 3 kinds of different flowers.

In  Paris and suburbs, the wholesale market is at Rungis, which is about half an hour to the south of Paris. Every florist, from the supermarket corner, to the most luxury boutique, buy their flowers on this market, which is not quite big for cut flowers but very interesting for plants. Although I have the buyer’s card for this market, I can hardly go there for my weekly bouquets, unless the order is very important. For example, I bought all the flowers I used for the creation of the Floral Art Contest at Rungis, but I haven’t put all of them in the bouquet because I have had to buy a great quantity of each kind.


One Response to “My flower book (23): some recent bouquets”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    Hi there, I’m in Paris atm and really want to buy cut flowers. If I don’t have the buyer’s card, does that mean I can’t buy any flowers there? In that case, where else can I go buy flowers wholesale? I don’t need a lot but I am happy to buy in packs such as 25 of the same roses, 5 hydrangeas etc. Would be extremely grateful for your help, my email is myfleurjourney@yahoo.com, merci.


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