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Violet on my balcony February 26, 2011

Small flowers of violet have been blooming on my balcony for one week. I don’t know how they came, maybe spread by wind or bird. When I was a child, near my home there were also a lot of small violets that plucked every summer thinking they were only the most humdrum flower. I read in literature the name “violet” and dreamed of a much more sophisticated flower for the elegant lady that I will become…

That is why I don’t dig up these weeds which invade my balcony and choke other plants. They soften up my heart with distant childhood memories…


My flower book (28): spring buds February 13, 2011

After the Chinese New Year, the Spring Festival, the season begins to change.

Many signs indicate the spring’s approaching this week: green buds on plants, blackbirds singing all day long to attract females, daytime becoming longer and longer…

My last bouquet is composed with flowers and branches with a spring touch.

– Salix gracilistyla: Rosegold Pussy Willow/Saule/银芽柳

–  Craspedia: Billy buttons/Craspedia/金槌花

– Molucella: Bells of Ireland/ Clochette d’Irlande/贝壳花

– Eucharis: Amazon Lily/Lys d’Amazonie/油加律,亚马逊百合

– Hypericum: Hypericum/Millepertuis/金丝桃