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Floral designers (1): Christian Tortu June 21, 2009

Sensational bouquets by Christian tortuYes, I mention him everywhere and on a regular basis on my blog, he is really my idol of these days. Tortu is undoubtedly on of the most famous florists of XXth century in France, even in the world.


I just want to share some quaotations of this book “Sensational Bouquets” (“Au-delà des fleurs“, name of the French version) :


“A flower wilts, a life begins.

A flower can also be beautiful once it loses its petals.

It’s beautiful because it’s without pomp and artifice.

It is beautiful because it doesn’t suggest an end of a life, but the beginning of another one…

Beauty is a matter of seeing.”

“A bouquet is like a reflection of the soul. It takes shape through a natural act.

It announces the weather, reflects the mood of the moment, and expresses joy ans sorrow.

But the same bouquet will never be made from the same flowers.

It all depends on the hour, moment, place, and time.

A bouquet can do without motifs. It needs nothing more than what it already has.”


“Extreme simplicity is the peak of sophistication.

Whether round, square, angled or spindly, the bouquet has to reveal emotion, balance, and grace.

If it doesn’t, it is nothing. Without a soul, it doesn’t exist.”