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My flower book (21) : Floral art contest March 21, 2010

I entered the Floral Art Contest 2010 organised by Natura-Dis, a French training program for florists. There were 2 subjects: the first one was to create a classic vegetative table center piece for a business lunch about the sustainable development, so a recycled object must be used in the creation; the second one was to create a modern bouquet for the opening of a small smoothie shop, fruits and exotic flowers must be used in the creation.


I have chosen the first subject and had arranged a bouquet of spring flowers resting on cardboard rolls.

Here are some pictures of my creation.




 Flowers used :

Tulipa (6 different varieties)

Viburnum opulus

Fritillaria elwesi and Fritillaria hermon

Spirea grefsheim



Cetraria islandicus






My flower book (14): Round bouquet November 30, 2009

I haven’t done any floral arrangement for a long time, because I work actually at a florist shop… paradoxical, but it’s true. I have now less time to create my bouquets on Sunday and my approach to floral art is a little different: that is why I arranged a round bouquet this week instead of a doing my arrangement directly in the vase, as usual.


However, I didn’t create a classical round bouquet. I put similar colors and flowers together instead of spreading them in the bouquet.


 Here is the bouquet from three angles :



 Flowers used :

 – Iris: Iris / Iris / 鸢尾

Brassica: Kale / Chou / 甘蓝

Limonium: Sea Lavender, Statice / Lavande de mer, Statice / 补血草,勿忘我,不凋花


Tulip April 24, 2009



Tulip is  the flowering plant which has the most different species, about 150 all over the world. Tulips are always associated with Holland, which is the biggest producer of tulips and the horticultural center of Europe, even the world.

I went to Holland last year to visit the famous Aalsmeer Flower Auction and tulips fields. Actually, it’s difficult to find the sea of flowers as in my imagination. The fields were split and surrounded by buildings. I realized that the pictures we saw about Holland and its Tulips had avoided these things…

So the best place to see tulips is in theme parks, like the Keukenhof Tulips Park near Amsterdam.

In Paris, there are also many varieties of tulips in public gardens, as Jardin du Luxembourg and Parc Floral de Vincennes where I took these photos.