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My flower book (11) : Berries October 11, 2009


Many hedge plants have berries in Autumn. From my stroll along by the Seine River near Neuilly in Paris, I picked up a bundle of branches with all colors of berries which I’ve made a bouquet with.


Fruits can be as colorful as flowers, and they are the extension of flower’s life. The nature is a wonderful cycle.



bouquet berries baies automn 秋天果实 插花






My Flower Book (5) : Play of color July 12, 2009

This is a bouquet composed with 3 different flowers. They are ressembled by color, from white to voilet, and form a sphere (although not perfect) of shaded tones.


bouquet floral arrangement 插花




Flowers in the bouquet :


Eustoma grandiflorum : Lisianthus / 洋桔梗

– Aster : Aster / Aster / 东俄洛紫菀

– Sedum: Stonecrop / Orpin / 景天 



Vegetables May 6, 2009

garlic ail 蒜lettuce leitue 生菜





 “Flower” means plant or vegetative for me, which includes flowers, leaves,  branches and even vegetables. In the nature, all can be beautiful, even the most ordinary things.


Here are pictures of garlic and lettuce taken in a morning market in Paris. I like their coulours, so smooth and juicy.