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Dahlia competition at Parc Floral of Paris August 24, 2010

The Parc Floral is located in the east of Paris, in the Bois de Vincennes, one of the 2 artificial forests at the gate of Paris.

Currently there is a competition of Dahlia flowers in the Park. This is a tradition of the Park since 1992.  I’d like to share some pictures with you.

Which one do you prefer? You can go and vote for your favorite variety until late September.


My flower book (22): Parrot Tulip bush March 24, 2010

Parrot Tulip is my favorite in the family of tulips. I like their irregular and multicolored petals which give them a less “artificial” look then other tulips.


In this creation I used some branches of Grefsheim Spirea to make the base. This horizontal arrangement looks just like a spring bush with little new pale green leaves!




Since I have mentioned the types of tulips, here is the categorization from the website www.tulipes-mania.fr:

– Single Tulips 


– Double Tulips


– Lily-flowered Tulips


– Fringed Tulips


– Parrot Tulips



Spring at Justchrys March 21, 2010

I LAUGHED when I saw in the last “Justchrys spring 2010 newsletter” that the Secretary Day (April 15) is now called Administrative Professionals’ Day. Another invention of florists, of course. Definitely I find that florists have the sense of humor, and the sense of business too. In fact, many “floral holidays” are inventions of florists or have been promoted by florists, like the Saint Valentine’s Day, the Mother’s Day, the Grandmother’s Day, the Secretary Day, etc. Some of them have commercial success, the others failed. The Secretary Day didn’t have the popularity expected by florists, so apparently for this year they decided to include more target groups in their promotion campaign.


Having said that, my objectif was only to share with you the new spring collection of Justchrys. Always more creations and original ideas for the promotion of chrysanthemums. But when will they change the atmosphere of the main image? (See my previous critics about the images of Justchrys)






 Courtesy Justchrys



My Flower Book (20): Volume March 3, 2010

Floliage is often used to give volume to a bouquet. My choice for this bouquet, asparagus, is one of the best foliage for creating this effect.

Only a few flowers of Alstroemeria are open, you have to imagine how the bouquet would be 3 days later!


Flowers utilized in this bouquet :





Alstroemeria: Peruvian Lily / Alstromère / 六出花,  秘鲁百合

Antirrhinum majus: Snapdragon / Muflier / 金鱼草

Asparagus officinallis : Asperge / Sargel / 芦笋





Tesco Fresh Flowers – Partnership with Interflora UK

Interflora, the world’s largest flower delivery network, is quite active from a marketing point of view. I think for those who have already ordered flowers for a delivery, Interflora must have the highest brand awareness rate. Interflora operates worldwide, it is a real global company. For those who don’t know (I am sure that few people knew it), Interflora today is composed of 3 units:


– The Fleurop-Interflora,  which includes 17 European countries : Germany, Austria, Belgium, Danmark, Spain, finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Norway, Holland, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and Turky. It’s headquarter is settled in Zurich.


– The British Group, which includes South Africa, Australia, The United Kingdom, New-Zealand, Ireland, Indonesia and China.


– FTD USA, which resembles the North and South American networks, Japan, Corea, China’s Taiwan and Philippine.

Each of the three units has 33.3% of stocks of the Interflora Inc. whose headquarter is near Chicago.  


After this quick review of the company’s structure, what I want to talk about here is the partnership of Interflora UK with Tesco Direct, the British leading grocery. The project is about the creation of a website, www.tescofreshflowers.com, where the entire range of flowers of Interflora is available for “Tesco Direct’s customers”, with prices starting at £19.99.


Personally, I first thought it was a little strange to say “Tesco’s customers” because everyone, even you have never bought anything on Tesco Direct’s website, can buy flowers on this co-branded website. However, to know the existence, you must go first on the Tesco’ s website where the partnership is announced. So for Tesco Direct, the benefit of this partnership is to extend their product range and to give more service and develop loyalty of their customers.


My question is, then, what is the benefit for Interflora to create this website, which is nearly a copy of the Interflora UK website ? To earn visibility and brand awareness, certainly. The collaboration between two leading brands brings their customers to each other, especially for online companies which are good at CRM. A good case of corporate marketing.  

Let’s have a quick look at the two websites. On the left, tescofreshflowers.com; on the right, interflora.co.uk







Critics : About Justchrys’ images November 2, 2009


I personally think that Justchrys has a good Marketing strategy, at least a new and daring one. Nevertheless, I don’t always appreciate their artistic photo creations. The world they build throughout their communication images is so artificial and distant that I think consumers wouldn’t easily be able to identify with this lifestyle and atmosphere.


Justchrys Autumn 2009



















Courtesy Justchrys


Above is the Autumn picture on the front page of Justchrys‘ website. Well, I understand they wanted to associate the Chrysanthemum image to a more luxury and sensorial positioning, but the execution, in my opinion, is not at the height of the project.


I have done a little research in my image archives and have found two photos that I would use to represent the Chrysanthemum. The image of Chrysanthemums here is glamour and aspirational but remains natural and accessible.


Liliy Donaldson Elle UK chrysanthemum chrysanthème 菊花模特photo model chrysanthemum flower 菊花模特

  Courtesy Elle Magazine and Numero Magazine



French Flora Stamps July 18, 2009

The French Post  has edited two books of stamps about French Flora in the North and the South. Indeed, the vegetation in the North and the South of France is very diffrent. Each region of France has its representative plant, like the famous lavender for Provence.

France has a very beautiful nature, although it is less famous than its culture and art. To my knowledge, France is the greenest European country (apart from Scandinavian countries). You can see almost every landscape in France : mountains, plateau, the sea, rivers, lakes (maybe not desert…).

I’d like to thank Tempopo who sent me images of these stamps books that I share with you.

 Carnet Flore Sud Poste Stamp Flora FranceTimbre lviolette Toulouse Stamp Flora France






Tembre pomme de pin Stamp Flora France tree

Timbre Olivier Stamp Flora France Olive tree