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A bridal’s dream : English garden roses March 5, 2010

I have just received the David Austin® Handbook of Roses 2009/2010 and the catalogue of David Austin fragrant English cut roses. What a pleasure to look at these fabulous garden roses and bouquets, I could almost smell their fragrance! Only the countryside of England can cultivate these sweet roses. They make me want a garden…or a great wedding.



         Darcey Rose Garden Bouquet

          Purely Roses Anniversary Bouquets


Nicole Kidman is a fan too!

Nicole Kidman's stunning wedding bouquet of David Austin Roses   

Courtesy David Austin Roses


My flower book (19): Lilies February 3, 2010

Lily is not favorite flower. Generally I prefer small naturel style fragile-looking flowers with irregular petals and foliage. As you can see, the lily flower has noting to do with the style I described. The only sort of lily I like is the longiflorum which has long, narrow and cream-colored flowers.


However, when I saw these orange lilies with their cute little buttons, I felt very keen to decorate my hall with them. I knew that with the heat at home, the buttons would be open very soon and this can last all the week, maybe even longer. In order to have a denser bouquet, I have chosen white Peruvian lilies and arranged them lower than the lilies.


Usually we pick off pistil of lily because pollen can stain the flowers. Here I have left them because I like their brown color with give a dynamic touch to the bouquet.



My Flower Book (12): Lilies October 25, 2009

Bouquet floral arrangement art design 插花



In this scented green bouquet:


Lilium longiflorum: Lily longiflorum / Lis / 麝香百合


Calla: Calla lily / Arum / 海芋


– Unknown green reeds with branch


My flower book (11) : Berries October 11, 2009


Many hedge plants have berries in Autumn. From my stroll along by the Seine River near Neuilly in Paris, I picked up a bundle of branches with all colors of berries which I’ve made a bouquet with.


Fruits can be as colorful as flowers, and they are the extension of flower’s life. The nature is a wonderful cycle.



bouquet berries baies automn 秋天果实 插花






My flower book (9): Unique September 21, 2009

I am reading Jeff Leatham’s books about floral design and his famous floral decoration at the hotel Georges V in Paris. One of Jeff’s signature statement is to display a bunch of flowers sideways in a big glass vase.


On the left is one of Jeff’s creation, and on the right is mine of glads and grass imitating his style.


Florists are inventing technic more and more difficult and complicated to create gorgeous floral sculpture. However, what I prefer personally is always simple and natural bouquets without complicated technique but with good taste for color and harmony.


art floral Jeff Leatham amaryllis 孤挺花glad glaïeul bouquet floral design 剑兰



















Picture on the left: Courtesy Jeff Leatham


My flower book (1) June 1, 2009



In this series I’ll show some of my first floral arrangements.

I bought most of the flowers at Monceau Fleurs, a French franchise chain of florists positionned as economical and revolutionary. They have a foluma (not at every retalor) of 5 bunches for 10 euros. The flowers are not, of course, of the highest quality. They can last in average one week. But I really think it’s a good marketing operation which makes the chain competitive. As far as I’m concerned, I like choosing my 5 bunches in Sunday afternoon and taking my time to arrange a bouquet at home…


bouquet floral art arrangement 插花

bouquet floral art arrangement 插花














  Flowers in this bouquet:


Agapanthus : African Lily / Agapanthus / 百子莲

Brassica : Kale / Chou ornemental / 羽衣甘蓝(叶牡丹)

Matthiola incana : Stock / Giroflée / 紫罗兰

Eucalyptus : Eucalyptus / 桉树

Rosa : Rose / 玫瑰