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Flower Council launched lajoiedesfleurs.com in France October 21, 2012

A big outdoor Advertising campaign for a website called “lajoiedesfleurs.com” (the happiness of flowers) is ongoing in Paris. By using a teasing video “Dear Madam, what’s your favorite flower?” repeated on LCD screens in the metro, the campaign encourages people to discover a new website about the flowers. On the website, you can watch the interactive video entirely and find out your favorite flower (supposing you didn’t know it…)

Not surprisingly, I found out the institution behind the website (although it’s not yet very well ranked by search engines): Flower Council of Netherlands, who is also the one behind justcrhys.com and many other website promoting flowers. 

Flower industry being an important part of Dutch economy, Flower Council is the only governmental organisation I know doing real “floral marketing”. When I wrote my paper on “Florists’ marketing” 2 years ago, I noticed a decreasing trend of flower consumption in France, a result of competition from other “gift products” like wine and chocolate. In order to maintain the flower consumption at a stable level, the only way is to create new needs more emotional  than functional. I’m happy to see finally the creation of “lajoiedesfleurs.com” as a reply to this trend. 

I think the vision of Flower Council clearly express this idea:

“We promote all the positive things about plants and flowers, to people in the Netherlands and around the world, by letting people experience the happiness they bring, and by encouraging people to share that fabulous feeling with others.

Not only do flowers and plants look beautiful, they can also boost the mood: cause surprise, bring happiness or offer comfort.

Flowering plants have the power to unleash a wide range of emotions, which all come down to one thing: happiness.

This is what makes the ordinary so extraordinary. Flowers are a rich source of happiness. Something beautiful grows with every plant.”

In terms of execution, although the 5 guys are quite charming, I’m afraid that the style of the website is too much consistent with the homepage of “Flower Council”, meaning a Dutch style not as  modern and glamorous as French image of flowers. I personally find it a pity that Flower Council didn’t try to modernize the image of flowers and make them more fashionable. Paris is a fashion capital!   


My flower book (36): autumn bouquet

My last floral arrangement with autumn flowers and foliage: Hydrangea, Dahlia, Veronica, Callicarpa. 


Chelsea Flower Show 2012 June 2, 2012

Courtesy RHS Lindley Library

For the first time since I heard about it, I managed to attend the famous Chelsea Flower Show held in London every year in May. 

The Chelsea Flower Show, launched in 1913 (100 anniversary next year!) has a very  long history. It has always contained both nursery exhibits and model gardens from the beginning. 

It is also the flower show most associated with the Royal family, who attend the opening day every year. This year several features including exhibitions of photographs and a themed floristry competitions and a floral arrangement display were held to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee. 

The Show mascot of this year is the Iris unguicularis “Mary Barnard” from RHS (The Royal Horticultural Society) Lindley Library. 

I was quite impressed by the passion of British people for flowers and garden. It was a very nice experience that I’m going to share in following posts through different categories. Like the show awards for best stands with gold/silver/bronze medals, I have an idea of my personal rankings.



My flower book (26): latest arrangements November 20, 2010

I have been  very busy recently but I’ve never stopped doing floral arrangement each week.

In fact, after a stressing and exhausting week, my biggest pleasure and the best way to relax is to buy some flowers and arrange a bouquet.

Here I post some of my latest bouquets.


Miss Dior Chérie with garden roses March 14, 2010



 Courtesy Miss Dior


I liked the last campaign of Miss Dior Chérie perfume (above) with a rose. This time, the new campaign (below) is more generous with flowers and we find Miss Dior in a garden of roses. Without a preference for the product, I quite like theses images and they make me want to try the fragrance. The power of Advertising!










Courtesy Miss Dior


My Flower Book (20): Volume March 3, 2010

Floliage is often used to give volume to a bouquet. My choice for this bouquet, asparagus, is one of the best foliage for creating this effect.

Only a few flowers of Alstroemeria are open, you have to imagine how the bouquet would be 3 days later!


Flowers utilized in this bouquet :





Alstroemeria: Peruvian Lily / Alstromère / 六出花,  秘鲁百合

Antirrhinum majus: Snapdragon / Muflier / 金鱼草

Asparagus officinallis : Asperge / Sargel / 芦笋





Tesco Fresh Flowers – Partnership with Interflora UK

Interflora, the world’s largest flower delivery network, is quite active from a marketing point of view. I think for those who have already ordered flowers for a delivery, Interflora must have the highest brand awareness rate. Interflora operates worldwide, it is a real global company. For those who don’t know (I am sure that few people knew it), Interflora today is composed of 3 units:


– The Fleurop-Interflora,  which includes 17 European countries : Germany, Austria, Belgium, Danmark, Spain, finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Norway, Holland, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and Turky. It’s headquarter is settled in Zurich.


– The British Group, which includes South Africa, Australia, The United Kingdom, New-Zealand, Ireland, Indonesia and China.


– FTD USA, which resembles the North and South American networks, Japan, Corea, China’s Taiwan and Philippine.

Each of the three units has 33.3% of stocks of the Interflora Inc. whose headquarter is near Chicago.  


After this quick review of the company’s structure, what I want to talk about here is the partnership of Interflora UK with Tesco Direct, the British leading grocery. The project is about the creation of a website, www.tescofreshflowers.com, where the entire range of flowers of Interflora is available for “Tesco Direct’s customers”, with prices starting at £19.99.


Personally, I first thought it was a little strange to say “Tesco’s customers” because everyone, even you have never bought anything on Tesco Direct’s website, can buy flowers on this co-branded website. However, to know the existence, you must go first on the Tesco’ s website where the partnership is announced. So for Tesco Direct, the benefit of this partnership is to extend their product range and to give more service and develop loyalty of their customers.


My question is, then, what is the benefit for Interflora to create this website, which is nearly a copy of the Interflora UK website ? To earn visibility and brand awareness, certainly. The collaboration between two leading brands brings their customers to each other, especially for online companies which are good at CRM. A good case of corporate marketing.  

Let’s have a quick look at the two websites. On the left, tescofreshflowers.com; on the right, interflora.co.uk