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My Flower Book (27): Spring contrast January 23, 2011

My last bouquet was composed with flowers bought on a Sunday market. Flowers on the markets are fresher and generally they come from horticulturists in the region or sometimes just from ordinary people who have a garden and too much flowers so they sell them (although I don’t think we can have too much flowers…).

At the moment their aren’t many kinds of flowers, and even the bulb spring flowers are cultivated in greenhouse or they come from the South, warn coountries.

Though quite limited in choices, I found some beautiful flowers: blue hyacinth, orange tulip and yellow mimosa. This forms a very gay spring bouquet with contrasting colors. Normally I prefer bouquets with the same color tone (different shades of a same color or very closed colors familly), but this time I’m really convinced by the contrast colors.

We should always try different things, and to surpass oneself.



Trends in horticulture September 4, 2009

As a marketing professional, I have always heard of trends forecasters and agencies – those people extremely sensible to social, economic ans consumption tendancies who define the guide lines of marketing strategy, product concepts in general or colors and models in the fashion industry.


However, trends exist as well in horticulture. Not only the trends of floral arrangement – this is summarized in books like International Floral Art – but also social and consumer trends concerning the horticulture.  


Bloom magazine, a trend book about horticulture edited by Trend Union and Li Edelkoort’s studio, is unique in Europe. Bloom works in collaboration with many famous photographers to create unique and conceptual pictures. They have also an accurate opinion about social and color and marketing trends because Trend unions publishes also trend books on other industries. So bloom is also an inspirational book for fashion, cosmetics or packaging professionals.


Only imperfection: it’s pretty cheap for individuals like me passionated by flowers. But I think it worth it.


Bloom magazinebloom magazineBloom magazine









Courtesy Bloom magazine


Tulip April 24, 2009



Tulip is  the flowering plant which has the most different species, about 150 all over the world. Tulips are always associated with Holland, which is the biggest producer of tulips and the horticultural center of Europe, even the world.

I went to Holland last year to visit the famous Aalsmeer Flower Auction and tulips fields. Actually, it’s difficult to find the sea of flowers as in my imagination. The fields were split and surrounded by buildings. I realized that the pictures we saw about Holland and its Tulips had avoided these things…

So the best place to see tulips is in theme parks, like the Keukenhof Tulips Park near Amsterdam.

In Paris, there are also many varieties of tulips in public gardens, as Jardin du Luxembourg and Parc Floral de Vincennes where I took these photos.