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LaChaume painter July 8, 2012

One of these rare sunny days of Summer 2012 in Paris, very surprisingly I ran into a painter in front of Florist Lachaume’s window. My first reaction was: how she dares! Knowing that Lachaume is the only florist in Paris (as far as I know) who announces at its entry “No photo, no visit”. Therefore, I have never entered this emblematic Parisian florist store. 

That’s why I couldn’t prevent myself wondering if this is a PR event, and if so, on whose initiative ? Because apparently the painter is quite good at marketing too: look at the logo on her box and her stool, the way she is dressed (hat, apron, long skirt) and her old-style palette ! 

PR or spontaneous action, it was a pleasant scene, a magic moment, just like the slogan of Lachaume “Le Magicien de l’Ephémère” : The Magician of fleeting (beauty). 


Spring at Justchrys March 21, 2010

I LAUGHED when I saw in the last “Justchrys spring 2010 newsletter” that the Secretary Day (April 15) is now called Administrative Professionals’ Day. Another invention of florists, of course. Definitely I find that florists have the sense of humor, and the sense of business too. In fact, many “floral holidays” are inventions of florists or have been promoted by florists, like the Saint Valentine’s Day, the Mother’s Day, the Grandmother’s Day, the Secretary Day, etc. Some of them have commercial success, the others failed. The Secretary Day didn’t have the popularity expected by florists, so apparently for this year they decided to include more target groups in their promotion campaign.


Having said that, my objectif was only to share with you the new spring collection of Justchrys. Always more creations and original ideas for the promotion of chrysanthemums. But when will they change the atmosphere of the main image? (See my previous critics about the images of Justchrys)






 Courtesy Justchrys



Miss Dior Chérie with garden roses March 14, 2010



 Courtesy Miss Dior


I liked the last campaign of Miss Dior Chérie perfume (above) with a rose. This time, the new campaign (below) is more generous with flowers and we find Miss Dior in a garden of roses. Without a preference for the product, I quite like theses images and they make me want to try the fragrance. The power of Advertising!










Courtesy Miss Dior


Tesco Fresh Flowers – Partnership with Interflora UK March 3, 2010

Interflora, the world’s largest flower delivery network, is quite active from a marketing point of view. I think for those who have already ordered flowers for a delivery, Interflora must have the highest brand awareness rate. Interflora operates worldwide, it is a real global company. For those who don’t know (I am sure that few people knew it), Interflora today is composed of 3 units:


– The Fleurop-Interflora,  which includes 17 European countries : Germany, Austria, Belgium, Danmark, Spain, finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Norway, Holland, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and Turky. It’s headquarter is settled in Zurich.


– The British Group, which includes South Africa, Australia, The United Kingdom, New-Zealand, Ireland, Indonesia and China.


– FTD USA, which resembles the North and South American networks, Japan, Corea, China’s Taiwan and Philippine.

Each of the three units has 33.3% of stocks of the Interflora Inc. whose headquarter is near Chicago.  


After this quick review of the company’s structure, what I want to talk about here is the partnership of Interflora UK with Tesco Direct, the British leading grocery. The project is about the creation of a website, www.tescofreshflowers.com, where the entire range of flowers of Interflora is available for “Tesco Direct’s customers”, with prices starting at £19.99.


Personally, I first thought it was a little strange to say “Tesco’s customers” because everyone, even you have never bought anything on Tesco Direct’s website, can buy flowers on this co-branded website. However, to know the existence, you must go first on the Tesco’ s website where the partnership is announced. So for Tesco Direct, the benefit of this partnership is to extend their product range and to give more service and develop loyalty of their customers.


My question is, then, what is the benefit for Interflora to create this website, which is nearly a copy of the Interflora UK website ? To earn visibility and brand awareness, certainly. The collaboration between two leading brands brings their customers to each other, especially for online companies which are good at CRM. A good case of corporate marketing.  

Let’s have a quick look at the two websites. On the left, tescofreshflowers.com; on the right, interflora.co.uk







Interflora February 28, 2010



The 13th Interflora World Cup Competition will be held on Friday 26 March 2010 through until Sunday 28 March 2010 in Shanghai together with a unique spectacular floral fashion event presented by leading floral designers.


This is the first time the Interflora World Cup Competition has been staged in China and will showcase the city of Shanghai.

Interflora, being active in China through the partnership with Uniflorist since 2008, is developing the Chinese market of fresh cut flowers. I hope their marketing effort would change Chineses’ flower offering habits. However, I am not so sure that they will much improve the taste for floral art of the average Chinese, because even in Europe (at least in France) the bouquets of Interflora are not quite sophisticated nor original.



Aquarelle extend its services January 11, 2010

The French online florist Aquarelle.com has extended its services to tourism and cultural activities by offering “Coffrets” including Beauty, Relooking, Fitness, Art Workshops, Gastronomy, Decoration, Cooking, Travel, Hotels, etc.

The service is accessible only on the web : www.aquarelle-coffrets.com

Product extension is a marketing strategy used by many florists, but Aquarelle is the first one to extend its brand to a domain so different from flowers. From the product point of view, the only link of flowers and these Coffrets is their well-being effect, but from the technic point of view, selling flowers or other services don’t have a great difference — Aquarelle is now an expert in online retailing, not only a florist any more.


My conclusion? We’ll need time to see how the floral industry will develop, a big change is ongoing…


Courtesy: Front page of Aquarelle-coffrets.com


Critics : About Justchrys’ images November 2, 2009


I personally think that Justchrys has a good Marketing strategy, at least a new and daring one. Nevertheless, I don’t always appreciate their artistic photo creations. The world they build throughout their communication images is so artificial and distant that I think consumers wouldn’t easily be able to identify with this lifestyle and atmosphere.


Justchrys Autumn 2009



















Courtesy Justchrys


Above is the Autumn picture on the front page of Justchrys‘ website. Well, I understand they wanted to associate the Chrysanthemum image to a more luxury and sensorial positioning, but the execution, in my opinion, is not at the height of the project.


I have done a little research in my image archives and have found two photos that I would use to represent the Chrysanthemum. The image of Chrysanthemums here is glamour and aspirational but remains natural and accessible.


Liliy Donaldson Elle UK chrysanthemum chrysanthème 菊花模特photo model chrysanthemum flower 菊花模特

  Courtesy Elle Magazine and Numero Magazine