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My Flower Book (37): colors & textures November 25, 2012

I like the contrast of complementary colors and different textures in a bouquet: purple-yellow, blue-orange, red-green; silky-rough, airy-leafy…The strong contrast makes a bouquet more dynamic. 

By composing this classic round bouquet with pink Roses, red Sedum and purple Statice, I added a touch of white Camomile as well as some yellow Roses which has the same color as the heart of Camomile. Suddenly the bouquet becomes less statutary, more dynamic. The green Poppy fruits make the bouquet more playful. 


My flower book (14): Round bouquet November 30, 2009

I haven’t done any floral arrangement for a long time, because I work actually at a florist shop… paradoxical, but it’s true. I have now less time to create my bouquets on Sunday and my approach to floral art is a little different: that is why I arranged a round bouquet this week instead of a doing my arrangement directly in the vase, as usual.


However, I didn’t create a classical round bouquet. I put similar colors and flowers together instead of spreading them in the bouquet.


 Here is the bouquet from three angles :



 Flowers used :

 – Iris: Iris / Iris / 鸢尾

Brassica: Kale / Chou / 甘蓝

Limonium: Sea Lavender, Statice / Lavande de mer, Statice / 补血草,勿忘我,不凋花